Coronavirus in Kiev: Klitschko explained why after the weekend has changed statistics

According to the mayor, in the weekend less people are turning to doctors and tests, also not working private laboratories

The mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko explained why the high daily rates of infection with coronavirus, which occurred last week stats this week for the last days shows decline in the incidence of 56 cases. He said this at a briefing on July 13.


“If you analyse the statistics, on weekends significantly reduced the number of identified patients. Why? As experts say, in the weekend less people are turning to doctors and tests. Also today almost 50% of doing research in private laboratories that the weekend does not work”, – said Klitschko.

He said that over the past day among new infections is four doctors.

All in all, among the new infected:

  • 21 women aged 21 to 75 years
  • 31 men from 19 to 80 years
  • one girl 12 years and 3 boys from 4 to 17 years.

The medical institutions of the capital was hospitalized 9 patients. Other – in isolation, under the supervision of physicians.


For the past day recovered 51 people. All coronavirus overcame 2109 inhabitants of Kiev.

More cases of the disease found in the Svyatoshinsky district – 13, Kiev – 11, in the Dnieper region – 7 cases.

Recall that on the eve in Kiev recorded outbreak of coronavirus in the student hostel of National University of technologies and design (KNUTD), located in Boychuk.


Note that the background of the quarantine in the capital and its suburbs continue to close night clubs for violations.

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