Rapper Serega has shown a teaser of the autobiographical film. Video


The musician will talk about his personal life, which previously had carefully concealed.

Rap artist Sergei Parkhomenko, known by his stage names SERYOGA and polygraph ШарикOFF, announced the release of the biographical film about his life. A film called backwater to appear on the channel of the HARLEM musician NEW to YouTube, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Correspondent.

Parkhomenko always carefully concealed the details of his personal life. On the eve around the family of rapper scandal. The musician said that forced to reveal details of his biography, but I wish this didn’t become public.

The premiere of the film backwater will be held on Sunday, July 19, from 16:00.

Parkhomenko made a film because of the rumors around the divorce of the musician with his wife and fight for children. Earlier it was reported that the polygraph sharikoff of trying for children with his ex-wife, whom he allegedly kidnapped from the mother.

In the film, the rapper will show you how to live with their sons mark and Plato, talk about their upbringing and way of life. Also, the film features interviews with Parkhomenko, his father and children.