Named five rules to guarantee weight loss


These simple actions can be done even on vacation

Want to lose weight, but not ready to sit on a hard diet and restrict yourself and count calories? There is a more easy way. Nutritionist Victoria Cavil transferred to Instagram in 5 easy steps, doing that, you will be able to reduce weight without much effort and suffering, reports the with reference to RBC.

They can be done even on holiday!

No salad, no dinner!

This does not mean that all of your lunch salad. Just add vegetables to your normal portions. This will have a positive impact not only on weight but also on the condition of the skin. Now is the best time to “love” vegetables.

1 day = 1 harmful product

If the morning was candy, chips tonight are canceled. This will help to make the right food choices and start to control the number of exposures.

Thirsty — drink water

In the heat, many people try to quench their thirst “water with lemon”, “cold tea drink” or Cola. But enough tea or water, without sugar additives.

A day without traffic!

Without counting steps, heart rate or passed km! No need to wrap the community around the area. The basic rule is to move today no less than yesterday. Where to take time? cm trace point.

Tight control “of surfing in social networks”

Remember the tale about ” a day without Internet — cleaned, washed, cooked so much!” It’s about activity and movement. To sit less — move more!

These steps are good to start to feel — Yes, it’s not so scary and difficult!