EIT is possible not to pass: as the applicants from Crimea and ORDA to enroll in Ukrainian universities

Applicants from Crimea and ORDO can enter any University of Ukraine without ZnO, but there are some nuances

Applicants with uncontrolled territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions temporarily occupied Crimea has simplified the access to education in Ukraine. Applicants will have to pass exams in school, but theVNO do not have to take. Rush whether high school graduates from the occupied territories in Ukrainian universities, to understand the website Today.

From Russia forced the negative to the students


Until last year the number of entrants from the Crimea and Donbass in Ukrainian universities grew, noted in the Ministry of education. Last year, through the educational centers “Crimea-Ukraine” and “Donbass-Ukraine” enrolled in College 1600 students from ORDA and 265 of the ARC. It is very small. According to the data published in the occupied territories in the Crimea this year we graduated more than 10 thousand graduates, in ORDO – 18 thousand.

The other day the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law and allowed to act for applicants from the occupied territories in all the universities of Ukraine without ZnO.

“This will increase the flow of students who leave Crimea and ORDO that can not but rejoice. Extension education in Ukraine will accelerate the integration of children from ORDA in Ukrainian society. This will encourage the development of human capital. But I was surprised by the reaction of the compatriots. The reasons for discrimination and gnobleniya children who come from the occupied territories, I do not see. They are citizens of Ukraine. Regarding students that come to us, I can say that they know the Ukrainian language, but they need help to adapt to a different reality – they are still five or six years of living under occupation,” – said Rostislav Podolsky, acting rector of Lugansk national agrarian University (after the occupation of the University moved to the city of Starobilsk).

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The negative about special rules for students from the Donbas and the Crimea occurs every introductory campaign, said Oleg Obridko, an analyst at the Center for civic education “Almenda”. Before the occupation “Almenda” was in the Crimea and was engaged in the protection of human rights. The organization now provides legal support to migrants and those who remained in the occupied Peninsula. Now, however, this negativity is more pronounced and is blown from Russia.

“We conducted a social network analysis and saw a very similar stuffing in different communities in social networks. It was posts with the same wording and with the same profile,” says Agradeco.

In fact, the adopted law does not mean automatic enrollment of high school graduates from ORDA and Crimea in Ukrainian universities.

“People need to explain that the receipt without ZnO, but the entrance exams. So it is necessary, because the state cannot fulfill its constitutional obligations to provide secondary education in the occupied territories, and so went on some concessions to their citizens on the other side of the demarcation line,” adds Agradeco.

Students from the Donbass and the Crimea will not automatically enroll in universities

Graduates of schools in the occupied territories and used to be able to take EIT. Four years ago, the government allowed the applicants from Crimea and ORDO to go to schools without documentation and testing. Initially such universities were only 14, then the list of schools has expanded to 35, and in the spring of this year – up to 100. Recent legislation has extended the right to enter without testing for applicants from the Crimea and Donbas to all universities of the country.

“We hope that this law will soon be signed by the President of Ukraine, and after joining the force, we can quickly make changes to normative legal acts, regulating the opening campaign. This will allow the children who are on the temporarily occupied territories, this year to take advantage of additional opportunities to receive higher education in Ukraine”, – quotes the acting Minister of education and science Sergey Scarlet press service of the Ministry.

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Entrants from the occupied territories, the quota can claim to be part-funded places on a particular course. The quota determines the Ministry of education until she is 20%. These students also received the competition, but the results of exams in high school. For admission you have to pass the Ukrainian language, Ukrainian History and another relevant subject.

Also, the law stipulates that applicants from ORDA and Crimea have the right to take free preparatory courses at the University for up to one year. At this time, the applicant will receive a scholarship. The rule will benefit applicants who will arrive in 2021.

It’s all change. But the fact remains a lot of difficulties. For example, 20% of budgetary places in many professions is 1-2 places. Entrants from the occupied territories have only one chance to do that – they can’t take five statements in different universities, in contrast to arriving for testing.

“If an applicant from ORDO or Crimea don’t pass the competition, we are left with two choices: to go back or to enter the contract,” says Agradeco.

Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Razumkov signed the law and sent them for approval to the President. Admissions began on July 1. Crimeans can apply to universities till the 20th of August, and applicants from ORDO – until August 22.


After the law comes into force, the Ministry of education should update the position on the receipt. Before the new entrants from the Crimea and ORDO was received through the educational centers “Crimea – Ukraine” and “Donbass – Ukraine”. Through these centres, the universities send incoming exams and issue of certificates of complete secondary education. Such centers now operate only at 100 schools. Now, in the middle of the entrance campaign should create other universities.

“The question is how to students to reach the universities. The law allows the entry of students for examinations without passing observation. But you need the invitation of the institution. To get invitation for the exam, we must personally submit the documents. That is, to apply, you have to pass visual observation,” says Agradeco.

Rush whether students from the occupied territories in Ukrainian universities? Perhaps not right away. High school graduates usually determined by the place of income for the six months before the opening campaign. But the new law has not even entered into force.

The algorithm of actions for the applicants from Crimea and ORDO

Education in Ukraine for the residents of the occupied territories a government hotline 0800 504 425.

To enroll in a Ukrainian University, you need to:

  • Choose one of the universities, which operates educational center. After the entry into force of the new law is any University in Ukraine. A list of universities with centers of education, “Crimea – Ukraine” and “Donbass – Ukraine” is on the website of the Ministry of education.
  • Prepare a certificate of internally displaced persons (IDPs). This paragraph universities often do not indicate the list of documents. However, without help, problems can arise upon admission.
  • Submit to the educational center package of documents for admission (application, identity document, four color photographs of size 3×4 cm, educational Declaration – it will help fill educational center).
  • To pass three entrance exams – Ukrainian language, History of Ukraine and the profile subject (or creative competition). The Ministry of education offers to prepare for the tutorials on the website “Accessible education” or EdEra.
  • The results of the exam to get a certificate instead of a diploma. Three months later it can be replaced by the document gosobraztsa (it will assess the Ukrainian language and Ukraine’s History, in other subjects – offset).

As reported “Today”, President Vladimir Zelensky approved voluntary testing for students and the abolition of gottestalby signing the relevant law. This year graduates of schools will be able to choose which assessment they pass.

As the pandemic coronavirus has affected at EIT this year, see the news story “Today”: