These products are not allowed to eat in diabetes


These products can adversely affect health

Diabetes is a chronic disease in which the body cannot produce insulin or use an existing one. Some foods aggravate the situation, therefore, in the case of illness it is better to refuse such food, reports the with reference to RBC.

Over time, diabetes can lead to heart damage, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys and nerves. For example, adults with diabetes the risk of heart attack and stroke is 2-3 times higher.

The disease usually manifests itself by the feeling of thirst, increased appetite, weakness, dizziness, slow healing of wounds. However, if you adhere to a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, you can avoid complications.

“It is essential that patients with type 2 diabetes limit the amount of bread, pasta made with white flour, pastries. These fast foods are rich in carbohydrates, their consumption contributes to spikes in blood sugar,” writes Express Health.

Symptoms of diabetes aggravated by the consumption of finished products, take aways — they contain very high levels of the components contributing to the imbalance caused chronically high blood sugar.

Stick to a healthy diet. Eat a variety of foods rich in nutrients at every meal, including whole grains and low-fat dairy products in appropriate amounts.

As often as possible, choose foods rich in fiber such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Replace meat with lentils, beans or tofu. Drink low-calorie beverages, such as tea or coffee without sugar, and water. Choose foods with lower salt content.