Scientists have revised the method of determining the age of dogs in human years

vozrast sobaki

Multiply dog years by 7 does not make sense.

Scientists from the U.S. created a new methodwhich most accurately determines the age of the dogs in terms of human years, reports the with reference to Browser.

The method is based on the estimate of the number of specific tags on DNA animals

So, traditionally, the age of the dog is transferred to human by multiplying the number of years the animal on the 7th, but as it turned out, this method does not make sense.

In the new work, biologists relied on epigenetic markers – molecules that are responsible for the readability of genes. Their number increases as the body grows old.

The purpose of the study, the scientists took samples of over 100 dogs (mostly Labrador retrievers) and studied their labels.

According to biologists, dogs are very fast growing and maturing in their first 4 years of life. And closer to 5 years have compared the number of epigenetic marks that people accumulate in only 50 years.

Then the aging process slows down, and at the age of 14 years old dog corresponds to a 70-75-year-old man.