Kiev is waiting for a sharp drop in temperature: the weatherman made a forecast

July 13 in the capital is expected to +19…+21 degrees

On the background of almost 30-degree heat and thunderstorms that forecasters predicted in the capital on 12 July, a new week starts with a sharp drop in temperature. This was reported on the website of Reuters.


So, on Monday, July 13, in Kyiv and region, the day temperature drops to +19…+21 degrees at night will be +11…+14 degrees. Rain is not promised.

Tuesday, July 14, afternoon in Kiev and the region will be up to +21…+23 degrees at night predict up to +11…+13 degrees. Won’t rain.


Wednesday, July 15, no change forecasters do not promise – and in the capital and in the Kiev region the day up to +21…+23 degrees, and the nighttime temperature drops to +11…+13 degrees.


Thursday, July 16, in Kiev, the day forecast to +22…+24 degrees, at night will be +13…+15 degrees. In the region will have the same weather, without rain.

On Friday, July 17, in the capital region will pass rains with thunderstorms. In the afternoon the air temperature will be to +22…+24 ° C, night promise to +12…+15 degrees.


Note, the night of 5 July in Kyiv was the hottest in 140 years.

We will remind that in the night from 11 to 12 July in the West of Ukraine, rain is de-energized 100 settlements and the road was flooded and houses.

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