Iran has named the official reason of wreck of the liner MAU

krushenie boinga

The reason called “human factor”.

The cause of the accident the Ukrainian Boeing 737-800 that crashed on 8 January near Tehran, called human factor, reports the with reference to Browser.

As Tasnim reported, citing a report of the civil aviation Agency of Iran, the air defense that shot down the plane by mistake, was incorrectly configured due to the fact that the day before was moved.

“One of the defense systems, Tehran has been moved. This led to the change of its position and direction,” the report says.

It is also noted that after the move was made to reconfigure the complex.

According to the report, due to incorrect settings, the system mistakenly identified the airliner as the subject moving from the South-West to Tehran. In fact, the plane took off from the Iranian capital, not near her.