In the Cabinet explained why Ukraine and Russia cannot agree on a new exchange of prisoners

reznikov 1

Deputy Prime Minister gave an interview.

In the negotiations both at the level of advisors of the Normandy format, and TAG, long time no significant progress. In particular, this concerns the regular exchange of prisoners. Consequently, Russia recently accused Ukraine of the fact that she wished to add to the list of prisoners several categories of individuals, reports the with reference to the Channel 24.

Little progress is also progress, and expect from the talks of immediate peace and unconditional positive is wrong, said Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov.

Concerning the exchange of lists of persons subject to the mutual release, then nobody said that there should be only four categories. These categories suggested by the Russian side at the previous meeting. We replied that they do not cover all possible options, therefore, proposed to add two more,
he said.

What preceded it:

  • After another TCGP negotiations on the Donbass July 9, in the President’s Office said that they expect a written confirmation from the representatives of the so-called “DNR” and “LNR” on the exchange of detainees.
  • OP said that Ukraine is ready for the release of detained persons in the format “all for all”.
  • However, the representatives of Russia in the pipeline accused the Ukrainian authorities in the creation of obstacles to further exchange.
  • They announced that Kiev has refused the previously agreed arrangements for the drafting of lists on the exchange according to four categories of detained persons. In Russia they say that the alleged during the meeting, the Kiev delegation said she wants another two categories.

This explains Reznikov

“Here we assume that the Russian side asks for some kind of identity exchange, and she’s already fired and goes free. Under what category a man falls, if he’s already delivered? The second option is when they ask the person who is actually missing that’s not in their four criteria. Moreover, we did not insist on these two categories, and offered them”, – explained the situation to the Deputy Prime Minister.

According to him, that is why the interpretation that “Ukraine acting destructive, is nonsense.”