In the Balkans changed the rules of entry for Ukrainians


Croatia was the only EU country that took the Ukrainian travel without restrictions.

The authorities of Croatia and Montenegro changed the rules of entry of tourists in pandemic coronavirus, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

Now at the entrance to Montenegro’s surface transport need to have a negative test for coronavirus made no later than 72 hours before crossing the border. And to get into the country without further restrictions in case of the organized arrival by air transport.

In turn, the authorities of Croatia, which previously it was possible to enter without the restrictions imposed them.

According to the Ukrainian Embassy in Facebook, now arriving for urgent personal reasons must undergo a mandatory 14-day self-isolation. It can be reduced to 7 days, if the person at their own expense within a week after arrival will pass the PCR test and receive a negative result.

Tourists arriving on business trips or for training the Ukrainians now can travel to Croatia without necessarily isolation, but in the presence of negative result of the PCR test, made not later than 48 hours before the entry or withdrawal in the absence of the test.

As you know, no restrictions for Ukrainian tourists are Egypt and Turkey.