Called vitamin, anti-aging skin


It is important to provide a complete diet.

The inclusion in the diet products containing vitamin E, is an easy way rejuvenate the skin, reports the with reference to Browser.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant, helping to reduce the activity of free radicals – unstable molecules that damage cells. Solar ultraviolet radiation accelerates their education, and as a result, the skin ages quickly covered with wrinkles and age spots.

As the vitamin E fights aging

Vitamin E helps to effectively counter this. Under his influence the skin remains fresh and supple. Vitamin gives a lifting effect by stimulating cell regeneration. Therefore, it is included in many anti-aging creams.

However, the main part of the skin gets vitamins from the bloodstream and the digestive system, therefore, vitamin E must first be ingested in its natural form from food, experts say.

Numerous small wrinkles, acne, skin rashes, peeling, cracked lips indicate a lack of this vitamin.

What foods contain vitamin E?

  • oily fish;
  • green leafy vegetables: broccoli, spinach;
  • nuts, seeds;
  • vegetable oil.