Called useful and harmful properties of prunes


It is important to observe a measure.

Prunes contain vitamins A, b, E and C, so it is quite useful product. But it is important to know that excessive consumption of this dried fruit can be dangerous. In this article we will tell you why you should exercise caution, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.

Prunes are helpful for the stomach, also it helps to normalize blood pressure and improve the condition of hair, skin, nails and teeth. But abuse it is still not worth it.

For example, those people who are watching their figure or want to lose weight, better not eat prunes or consume it only in small quantities. This dried fruit is very high in calories, so if it is big portions, it could easily prevent you to lose weight.

Prunes are not recommend adding a diet for people with certain diseases: diabetes, heart diseases, chronic problems with the gastrointestinal tract. It can cause aggravation or manifestation of new symptoms.

Do not get carried away plum lactating mothers as it can have a negative impact on the state of the baby. The child may appear problems such as upset stomach, nausea or loss of appetite.