The interior Ministry has changed the rules for obtaining a driver’s license: what to prepare drivers


The order has already entered into force.

The interior Ministry has changed the rules for obtaining a driving permit, making corrections to the theoretical, practical examinations and requiring driving schools to conduct the video recording of these processes, reports the with reference to Country.

The corresponding change was recorded by MIA order No. 408 of July 6.

Thus, the Ministry of internal Affairs approved: the Instruction on the procedure of admission examinations for obtaining the right of management by vehicles and delivery of driver’s licenses; Instruction on the use of technical means of control during exams (including using the camera), the saving obtained through their information and access it. It is noted that the order came into force on the day of publication.

So, now certifying the training and retraining of drivers of the vehicle will appear only: certificate of passing the driving school, the document must appear on the basis of the uniform state registry of the Ministry of interior; the document about the termination of educational institution specializing in training of drivers of vehicles, provided that the institution has the appropriate license.

If the student failed the exam after passing the school, the documents allow us to fix it within two years.

Theoretical exam

The exam fees will be 20 questions, in which five possible answers, only one of them correct. Students will ask only those questions that relate to their category of transport. All of the questions the student must answer in 20 minutes. Assuming three or more errors, did not have time to answer all the questions, was caught cheating, his answers are not counted, and the exam is not submitted.

The results of the theoretical exam are stored for three months, failed the test, the student will not be admitted to the practical exam.

Practical exam

The first stage of the practical exam takes place on specially isolated from the traffic the site, the test takes at least 10 minutes to determine the ability to control the vehicle. The second stage in the city there will be at least 20 minutes. At this stage the instructor will determine the ability to control the vehicle safely to other road users.

The duration of the practical part should not exceed 60 minutes, the student has three attempts to retake the practical exam. If three attempts were not enough to learn the material, the fourth time the student will be allowed to practice after passage of the course.

Video recording

Theoretical and practical exams are recorded on video. The video will be recorded of the person of the student, the instructor, their actions, the duration of the exam, all the actions present in the machine, the date of shooting. It is noteworthy that the video is recorded in such a way as to keep the frames even in case of power failure.