Alla kostromicheva talked about marriage with a foreigner-millionaire


The top model was found with Masha Efrosinina.

Leading the reality show “Top model in Ukrainian” Novy channel Alla Kostromicheva married to the Italian and millionaire Jason Capone. The couple lives in Central new York, and nothing does not deny. It would seem that not life, but a fairy tale. But that’s just not so simple, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.

The model became the heroine of the latest issue YouTube-project Masha Efrosinina “Exam”, where they said that it annoys her husband and what she has to put up with to save the marriage. Alla admitted that her husband is ambitious and not a day can not do without the phone.

“In the foreground, he is material. He is ambitious and very focused on success — shared model. — It works always, it is also very annoying — whichever we had a Frank conversation or intimate moment, it’s all work. Can postpone the phone except that at the time of sex.”

First of Alla this admired, because I was looking for held the man, but then it became annoying was the constant employment of her husband. Now the model understands that if your husband is not going to work so hard, that her life will be not so luxurious. So Kostromicheva forced “to play by the rules” the wife of the millionaire.

“Sometimes I want romance and cheesy. But I can’t change my husband, so play by his rules. If he constantly was busy with work, we would not live in Central new York, my child would not go to the best private school. Just to be the wife of a millionaire is not easy,” said the top model.