The interior Ministry announced the arrest of the perpetrator of the fire in the Luhansk region


The fire started because of the actions of the agriculturist.

Deputy Minister of internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko told about the arrest of the guilty in large-scale fires in the Luhansk region, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

According to him, the fires gave local agronomist Dmitry P., born in 1993.

“After harvest, in the pursuit of profit and to save on fuel, many farmers prefer before plowing land to burn the stubble, absolutely not thinking about the horrible consequences to which it might lead. He thought about it nobody would know. But our military in this place was carried out over the area with a drone, recorded the fact of arson and reported it to the police”, — he wrote in Facebook.

The detainee faces a fine of 800 hryvnias 91 to 153 000. Or if this fire led to serious consequences — destruction of property, loss of flora and fauna, the pyro can get the real rows of imprisonment from 2 to 5 years.

Gerashchenko reminded that this article of the Criminal code were tightened in may 2020 after the catastrophic fires in Chernobyl and in the Zhytomyr region.

Before there was a video of the probable time of the fire in the Luhansk region. It is unknown on the car set fire to the field.

Fires extinguish in Luhansk for the fourth day. According to gschs, open burning in the forest anymore, but the wood smolders in the three cells, rescuers poured water on her.