Scoliosis in children and adults: how to avoid illness


This is a common problem.

The health Ministry told about the signs of spinal curvature, as well as the algorithm of actions at detection of the disease, reports the with reference to Country.

About it reports the Center of public health in Facebook.

“90% of adult patients with degenerative disc disease and sciatica are the people who have suffered in childhood scoliosis. Scoliosis — a disease of the musculoskeletal system, characterized by curvature of the spine in the frontal (lateral) plane with rotation of the vertebrae around its axis. Proved negative impact of scoliosis on the functioning of the cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems of the human body”, — stated in the message.

Как избежать сколиоза

Scoliosis is most frequently observed in children and adolescents, and its prevalence exceeds 15% in the structure of pathology of the locomotor apparatus. In addition, every fourth child in Ukraine is a violation of posture and 5-6 persons from thousands of this is scoliosis. According to the Center of medical statistics of the Ministry of health during preventive examinations 2019 identified 99 467 children with scoliosis. The development of scoliosis usually manifests itself gradually and almost always painless. Warping can develop in such a way that neither the parents nor the child does not notice it.

The most effective and simple ways to avoid illness:

  • compliance with rational regime of the day;
  • ensuring adequate sleep duration in children;
  • regular exposure to fresh air;
  • the organization of nutrition;
  • the right combination of activity and relaxation.

The importance of the selection of furniture:

  • the bed should be soft;
  • the dimensions of the furniture should match the growth of children;
  • a place where the students complete homework assignments, should be equipped with ergonomic furnishings with a special chair that has a support system of spine.

Risk factors that may increase curvature of the spine:

  • the half — curvature of the spine in girls is 10 times more often than boys;
  • age — the “under” the beginning of the distortion, the higher the risk of further strengthening of scoliosis;
  • the degree of curvature — the more distortion, the greater the risk of strengthening it further;
  • the location is curvature in the mid-lower part of the spine will progress less than the top;
  • children born with scoliosis have a greater risk of increasing curvature.

Physical examination of the spine the doctor is the first step in the diagnosis of scoliosis. Do not self medicate. Only experienced orthopedists and vertebrologists able to choose the most effective treatment in each case.