Plump lips Lesya Nikityuk puzzled fans

nikityuk 1

Mother of the singer dispelled the suspicions of the subscribers.

Lesya Nikityuk can’t get enough, returned to work and active filming. Presenter energizes fans with his energy and positive, do not forget about sparkling jokes and bright images. Star regularly shows off his “Luke days”, both from the personal wardrobe and created for filming. So, on the set of the show “Hto zverhu” Lady Le stand out in a striking outfit, reports the with reference to RBC.

Nikitiuk posing in a mini dress with a bright psychedelic print, an interesting feature of which is a sleeve-gloves that fully cover arms and high collar. Les hair gathered in a ponytail, and on the face struck a delicate makeup.

“Today on the style. PS. Skilki policv on ROC VI bachite?” commented frames leading.

On one of the photos really looks like she only has 4 fingers.

However, big-eyed fans noticed something else — what lips celebrities have become more. Nikitiuk immediately suspected in their plastic, but her mother dismissed the accusations.

“Les, you have such beautiful lips… don’t do anything. You get lost among the tuned dolls and lose natural beauty. I beg you… stay natural at least you,” wrote in the comments.

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No sooner had the celebrity could answer, broke in to her mom. “She didn’t do anything”, — said Ekaterina Petrovna nikitiuk. “That’s right, mother,” responded Les, adding a laughing smiley.

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Do not forget the followers and compliments for a bright leading.

  • Wow dvote…. In the eyes
  • Oh my God!She eclipsed the sun
  • Bombeznaya
  • Uhh, that’s a rave!!!
  • It seems scho 4 ale treba pridesites
  • Cool sukna
  • Wow, it reminds me of the days when were poisonous color leggings and t-shirts. Years 20назад. Everything is cyclical)
  • What a bright, stylish girl! Bravo!
  • VI well vigladit 5 palcu
  • The sun in his hands and a wreath of stars in heaven)))
  • Very beautiful girl and very nice lips