In Ukraine critically decreased the number of polio vaccinated children


Vaccination allows you to protect yourself from complications caused by polio.

The health Ministry said that the polio epidemic in Ukraine can only be stopped with a massive vaccination of children, reports the with reference to Country.

About it reports the Center of public health in Facebook.

“For 5 months of this year, only 30% of children in the first year of life requiring mandatory vaccination received all 3 doses of the vaccine to prevent polio. 66% of children under one year of age were vaccinated against polio for 10 months of 2019. Percent immunization coverage against polio in Ukraine is not enough to the end of the year to reach 95%,” — stated in the message.

Профиластика полиомиелита

Prevention of polio

Vaccination is the only way to protect yourself from complications caused by polio. According to the recommendations of World Health Organization (WHO), if enough people in the country is vaccinated (over 95%), the spread of the virus will stop. Conversely, if children remain unvaccinated it could lead to the spread of the virus and new cases.

If your medical facility is no vaccine, contact the chief physician of the medical facility to determine the cause. If the doctor cannot provide the necessary information to the Department of health in your area.

Do I need to vaccinate the child breastfed

Breast milk protects a child from polio. Therefore, vaccinations for children, breastfeeding needs to be done. It is important to ensure vaccination of children with chronic diseases, as they are more vulnerable to infections. Contraindications to vaccination can be determined only by the doctor.