In China declared “a new deadly pneumonia” in Kazakhstan


The Ministry of health of Kazakhstan denies the information.

Embassy of China in Kazakhstan on its website posted a warning to Chinese citizens about what this country supposedly spreading “new deadly pneumonia,” reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

The Embassy, citing local media, argues that since mid-June, the incidence of new pneumonia in Atyrau, Aktobe and Shymkent regions “increased significantly”. Moreover, it is indicated that mortality from “new and not yet investigated type of pneumonia” “a lot higher than COVID-19”.

Chinese diplomats argue that today in the regions of Kazakhstan infected nearly 500 people, as more than 30 persons is estimated as critical. It adds that in the first half of this year in Kazakhstan died of pneumonia 1 772, only in June – 628 people, including citizens of China, a study of this type of virus has not yet given concrete results.

In turn, the Ministry of health of Kazakhstan denies the information of some Chinese media that in the country there were cases of unknown pneumonia.

“The Ministry of health of the Republic of Kazakhstan officially announces that this information is untrue”, – stated in the message Department.

The Ministry noted that the who introduced the international classification of diseases (ICD-10) codes to account for the pneumonia, when coronavirus infection diagnosed clinically or epidemiologically, for example the symptom of “matte glass” of the affected lung, but not laboratory confirmed.

“Kazakhstan, in this regard, like other countries, maintains records and monitoring of this kind of pneumonia that allows you to make timely management decisions aimed at stabilizing the incidence and prevalence of coronavirus infection”, — said in the Ministry.

The Ministry recalled that on July 9 at a briefing the Minister of health of Kazakhstan Alexey Tsoi talked about the amount of pneumonia in the country in General: bacterial, fungal, viral origin, including, according to the classification ICD-10, “viral pneumonia, unspecified etiology”.

In Kazakhstan at the moment 53 021 confirmed case of infection COVID-19, recovered 31 277 people died in 264.

We will remind, for the past month in Ukraine doubled the number of cases of pneumonia as a complication from the coronavirus COVID-19.