Called a simple way to reduce mortality from heart attacks among young people


Another negative of Smoking.

The number of heart attacks in people younger than 50 years increased in the recent years. It is well known that stopping Smoking prevents cardiovascular accidents older people. But how effective is it for young people was unknown, reports the with reference to the Channel 24.

A new study published in the prestigious JAMA Network Open, have demonstrated a convincing relationship between the probability of death from a heart attack, and preliminary Smoking cessation in young people.

People under the age of 50 years the risk of death from a first heart attack was lower by more than 70% if they quit Smoking within the previous year.

It is an absolutely clear result: among young people who have had a heart attack, quitting Smoking was associated with a significant benefit. We found a stunning effect. But, unfortunately, we found that the majority of young people continue to smoke after a heart attack,
– said Ron Blankstein (Ron Blankstein) from Harvard medical school, co-author of the study.

The scientists reviewed the histories of 2,072 people who have had heart attacks before the age of 50 years. Smoked about half of them. It was known that 343 patient quit Smoking during the year which preceded the heart attack. Heart attack – what is it?This damage of heart muscle due to circulatory disorders in it. In this case the affected part of the muscle dies, that is it develops necrosis.

During the 10 years following the heart attack, died of 13.2% of smokers and 4.1% of those who quit Smoking during the year before the heart attack.