APU assessed the likelihood of Russia to Kherson

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Sergey Nev said that the immediate threat is gone.

Direct threat of attack of Russia to Ukraine, in particular invasion of the territory of the Kherson area, — no. This was stated in the program “Right to rule” the commander of the United forces of Ukraine Sergey New, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Comments.

A certain number of Russian troops on the administrative border of the occupied Peninsula really is. But these are insufficient to lead a full-scale offensive. If occupants are to pull more troops, Ukraine knows about it, says New.

“At the Tauride direction of the Armed forces have intensified all possible types of intelligence. There help other Ukrainian authorities who have such powers. Manual APU receives daily fresh information about the group of Russian military on the occupied Peninsula,” says New.

Now any steps that could be the start of the offensive, Russia in the Crimea does not.

“According to our information, the enemy is no offensive attack is not prepared. The main divisions are in permanent dislocation, and along the admingranitsy between the Autonomous Republic and the Kherson region, we see only a small number of divisions, and now they only see the military on our side,” — said the commander of the United forces.

In addition to Kherson areas in the Mat work out several likely scenarios for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But so far none of them, according to the survey, Moscow is not going to realize.