These products are able to accelerate a metabolism


They should be added to the diet.

The foods that speed up metabolism and help to detoxify the body, primarily include tea, coffee and spices such as cinnamon, ginger or chili peppers, reports the with reference to Browser.

If they combine with a healthy diet and regular exercise, it will contribute to weight loss. However, it is important to remember that excessive consumption may cause insomnia or increase blood pressure.


It contains capsaicin, a substance with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This chemical compound helps to alleviate pain, prevent cancer, speed up metabolism and reduce inflammation. Should be consumed about 3 g chilli per day. An excessive amount can cause burning sensation in mouth and stomach.

Green tea

Green tea is rich in flavonoids, catechins and caffeine, which help accelerate metabolism and promote fat burning (assuming a balanced diet and physical activity). In addition, it has a diuretic effect, so helps to eliminate fluid retention. To get results, you need to drink 4 cups of tea a day. However, you should avoid using it in combination with main meals because it can inhibit the absorption of some minerals from the diet such as iron, zinc or calcium.


Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anticancer and thermogenic properties. It improves digestion and controls diabetes and cholesterol, because it helps to regulate blood sugar levels and increases the amount of high density lipoproteins. This spice can be consumed in form of tea or 1 teaspoon, adding to juices, smoothies, fruit salads, coffee or milk.


Because ginger contains compounds 6-gingerol and 8-gingerol, it increases the production of heat and sweat. It helps to burn stored fat, promoting weight loss. Also, it reduces the level of lipids, maintains blood sugar, improves digestion and fights flatulence. It can be consumed as tea or add to juices, smoothies and salads.


Guarana speeds up the metabolism, because it contains caffeine and is a fruit, rich in antioxidants. To lose weight, it should be consumed together with green juice or ginger tea, which also contribute to weight loss. The recommended amount is 1-2 teaspoons of powder guarana per day, avoiding the use of the night to avoid the problem of insomnia.

Apple cider vinegar

It helps to lose weight because it stimulates metabolism, improves digestion, increases satiety and fights fluid retention. Also, it includes antioxidants that contribute to the proper functioning of the body. You need to consume 1-2 teaspoons of Apple cider vinegar per day diluted in a glass of water, or use it for seasoning meats and salads.


Coffee contains caffeine, thus increasing the metabolism. The recommended amount is a maximum of 4 cups of 150 ml per day. However, it is important to remember that it should be avoided in cases of gastritis, high blood pressure or insomnia.