The Ministry of justice decided to close eight of the colonies


Property complexes will give the investors.

The Ministry of justice took the decision to close the eight penal institutions. Inmates transferred to other colonies, and the staff sacked and offered a new job. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of justice Elena Vysotskaya in videokommentar published on the website of the Ministry of justice in Facebook on Thursday, July 9, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

According to her, July 6 a meeting of the Commission on optimization of penal institutions on which the decision was made to optimize the following institutions:

  • Kovel’s’ka educational colonies;
  • Cherkasy penal colony №62;
  • Dergachevskaya penal colony №109;
  • If penal colony №26;
  • Igrinskiy correctional center # 133;
  • Chernomorskaya penal colony №74;
  • Shiryaevskaya correctional centre 111;
  • Ustinovsky correctional centre 37.

According to Vysotsky, has developed an action plan following the closing of the colonies. In particular, prisoners will move to other establishments of execution of punishments “usually with the best conditions” and the staff will be fired and will offer him a job in the nearest institutions or regional institutions of justice.

Vysotsky believes that this will allow “to optimize the system, reduce current and capital expenditure on the maintenance of a large system of criminal-Executive service”.

She also added that property complexes of the penal institutions, which are closed will be offered to investors in order to “improve our infrastructure, in particular, to repair or to build new detention centers”.

Earlier, the Ministry of justice launched the opening of the luxurious apartments in some of the detention center. The money from the prisoners for the service usage of the VIP cameras will be directed on repair free cameras.