Nikitiuk and Kaminska tried on wedding dresses

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Star “DeAngelo” will appear in the show “Who’s on top”.

Ukrainian singer Fame Kaminska and TV presenter Les nikitiuk starred in wedding dresses. Unusual photo shared by the singer of the group Neangely on his page on Instagram, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

In the picture Kaminska in light beige wedding dress with lace at the chest and waist catches the bride’s bouquet. Next in snow-white outfit posing Lesya Nikityuk.

The singer said in a commentary that the day three times she caught the bride’s bouquet, and then joked that he threw it four times. The post commented and nikitiuk, calling themselves “the daring bride”.

The frame is made in the Studio of the show Who are on top, where nikitiuk plays the leading role. Probably the picture was taken during the filming of the program.