Named effective ways to escape the heat


Advice from a renowned physician.

Foreign Dr. Baher al-Saeed gave 7 tips for survival in the heat. In particular, it is recommended mandatory to carry a bottle of water, reports the with reference on Voice.

With a significant increase in temperature on the street increases the likelihood of heat stroke, which is accompanied by signs: weakness, headache, dizziness, flashing “flies”, nausea, fluctuating blood pressure, cardiac abnormalities.

In this connection, Baher al-said thought it important to give advice on how to avoid negative impact on health in the heat. In particular, the doctor advises to avoid direct exposure to sunlight, without need to leave home at lunch time to use hats. When walking it is advisable to find a shade.

Also, the doctor strongly recommended the use of sunglasses, keep a bottle of water to hydrate the body and prevent heat stress. Another tip is mandatory the use of sterile wipes or hand gel, since this summer is the season of skin diseases.

Baher al-said believes that to survive in the heat will help and the constant washing of hands or face with water. It is also imperative not to forget sunscreen, with regard to both children and adults, taking into account all areas of the body.