“Time to call a spade a spade”: the staff, the NBU made the statement

The team of the national Bank determined the red lines, capable of further effective work

In a legal, civilized country is unacceptable political pressure on the Central Bank. Team NBU supports the position of the Board that continued pressure may destroy everything that the national Bank has achieved over the past six years.


This was stated by the staff of the National Bank of Ukraine in his address to the public, published on the website of the regulator in Facebook.

“Time to call a spade a spade. Regular media attacks, public insults and bad-mouthing, threats, custom rallies under the walls of the national Bank and the blocking of the homes of its employees is not a “call for expert discussions.” This is harassment and blackmail”, – said in a statement.

Team NBU claims that after the resignation of President Jacob Smoliy will continue to work to preserve macro-financial stability.

“We are the first team of the NBU, which holds the country through the global financial crisis without Bank failures, without the fall of the hryvnia, with no outflow of investors. Our work is celebrated by citizens of Ukraine, their confidence in the NBU is increasing. In crisis, she noted other Central banks and international financial organizations”, — the statement says.

As a team, the NBU has defined red lines, capable of further effective work:

  • monetary policy and financial sector regulation should be based on scientific analysis and facts;
  • key decisions should continue to be a reflection of the General opinion of the team;
  • Ukraine must remain committed to the obligations to international financial organizations.


The authors of the statement believe that the campaign against the NBU are individual MPs who are trying to discredit the Bank, seeking the termination of cooperation of Ukraine with international partners, and prizivaut authorities to assess their behavior.

“We encourage you to give us the opportunity to carry out their work in an environment of morality, dignity, professional discussions and respect for each other,” the statement says.

We will remind, earlier in Ukraine there was a loud resignation “at own will” has left the head of the national Bank. The dismissal of Yakov Smoliy was supported by the Verkhovna Rada. The international monetary Fund (IMF), the world Bank, the ambassadors of the countries “Big seven”, immediately said: this jeopardizes the reliability of reforms in Ukraine. The resignation Smoliy rocked the hryvnia, which for half a week on the interbank market lost 72 kopecks.

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