The medic told where often infected with coronavirus


It is not necessary to lose vigilance.

In Ukraine, more and more people infected with coronavirus. The representative of the Kharkov laboratory of the center for Nelia novitska told where the probability of catching the virus the most, reports the with reference for Today.

According to her, the main source of the spread of coronavirus in Kharkov is the public transport. The people there often without protective masks, and patients with COVID-19 often do not associate the disease with infected contact persons. Therefore, there is a high probability that they are infected in the city.

“The results of epikaleomai, we see a picture that the most serious cases occur with patients who are not contact with the existing cases. (…) The naked eye can see that many of Kharkiv do not use equipment for personal protection while visiting public places and when traveling by public transport. And we believe that this is the main source of spread of the disease in Kharkiv,” — said Nowicki.