Named the most healthy summer fruit for the health of the internal organs


Not only delicious, but also useful!

Pear is one of the most useful treats. The fruit is used in its natural form, and for desserts, juices, toppings, salads and side dishes, reports the with reference to Clutch.

Doctors call the following useful properties of pears:

  • increases the body’s defenses, helping to resist infections;
  • has anti-inflammatory action;
  • beneficial effects on the nervous system;
  • promotes the excretion of heavy metals and toxins.
  • broths and compotes of pears recommended for intestinal disorders and constipation;
  • beneficial for the cardiovascular system;
  • pear is recommended for dizziness, fatigue;
  • due to the high content in the product folic acid pear useful for pregnant women and children;
  • pear will help in dealing with eczema, if the pulp is often applied on the affected area;
  • to improve metabolism;
  • stimulate the activity of the liver and kidneys;

As with all products from the pear has contraindications:

  • raw can’t eat pears for a stomach ulcer;
  • it is not recommended to eat fruit on an empty stomach;
  • pears should not drink water because it may cause diarrhea and abdominal discomfort.