In Ukraine, the record recovered from coronavirus: new data per day

Since the epidemic began have been treated more than 23 thousand Ukrainians

Coronavirus infection again began to gain momentum in Ukraine. For the last day, July 7, COVID-19 diagnosed 807 Ukrainians. But there is good news: the country recorded a record for the number recovered. Yesterday the doctors were able to defeat 926 Ukrainians.


As is indicated by the data monitoring system of the national security Council, in Ukraine, COVID-19 ill 50 414. 1306 infected died from the infection (23 persons died over the past day). Since the beginning of epidemic infection was cured 23 119 Ukrainians.

In the Lviv region remains the most infected as a day (+117), and for all the time of the epidemic (6562). Dramatically increased the number of cases in Kiev (+114). Next come Rivne (+76), Transcarpathian (+75) and Odessa (+65) region.


We will remind, earlier the President Vladimir Zelensky saidthat the dynamics of the epidemic of coronavirus in Ukraine is stabilized, and the Minister of health, Maxim Stepanov reported that it continues to decrease the incidence of health care workers.

We also wrote that recently Ukraine has moved to a new form of counting of deaths from the coronavirus. Now it will be determined only according to the autopsy.