In the Luhansk region for fire fighting to apply aviation — MIA


The separatists had not responded to a request for silence.

MIA is ready to use aircraft for fire fighting in the Luhansk region, despite the proximity of the demarcation line. On Wednesday, July 8, said the head of Department Arsen Avakov, who is at the scene, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

“We circled, and we see no further fires. And, thank God, the weather is favorable – not as wind gusts, as was yesterday, and the spread of fire – we don’t see that there is a threat. At this point in time there are three key focus, which we are now paying attention. Around the perimeter of the SSES work group. And now the decision in order to finally finish everything, use fire aircraft, which is ready in Kramatorsk,” — said the Minister.

He noted that the issue in this matter is the proximity to the zone of differentiation and therefore “need to consider some of the details”.

After the meeting with President Poroshenko said that Vladimir Zelensky allowed to use aircraft. Fire will draw two aircraft SSES.

“The President today took the decision on the use of aviation. Aircraft already in the air. The peculiarity of the decision is the proximity of the separation line and the lack of understanding by the occupation “authorities” on the other side of the demarcation line,” — said the Minister.