How to obtain citizenship of St. Kitts

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Since 1984, St. Kitts began to act the law allows you to obtain a passport of the island country for investment. The law helped the state to obtain additional funding for further development. The opportunity to obtain citizenship of St Kitts by investment attracts many businessmen.

Investment citizenship of St. Kitts and Nevis stands out due to fast processing of documents, a small investment fee and great benefits that come with the passport of that Caribbean nation. Money the country does not “eats”, and invests in infrastructure. This is beneficial not only to business but also to live. Saint Kitts is actively developing, which means that investments can be returned at the expense of dividends.

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Why are Saint Kitts interesting for financially secure men?

Here are just a few advantages for which you should pay attention on this Caribbean country:

  • The speed of obtaining a passport. The waiting time is 3-4 months. Thanks to the accelerated procedure it may be reduced to 45-60 days.
  • The lack of life in the country. The passport will not expire if the owner decides not to visit St. Kitts.
  • The ability to maintain a second nationality.
  • Privacy. Information about investors is not published in the public domain, retains the right of entrepreneurs to protect personal data.
  • The ability to issue citizenship for the whole family, including parents and adult offspring.
  • Visa-free access 142 countries of the world, including the EU, the UK and Singapore, a simple way of establishing a long-term permission to enter Canada and the United States.
  • The favorable system of taxation. No need to pay inheritance tax, dividends and capital gains. There is also no income tax. The country has reasonable tax rate on real estate.
  • The possibility of doing business in the tourism sector.

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In addition to the economic benefits of St. Kitts offers the perfect climate and excellent conditions for year-round recreation for the whole family.

What is the procedure for obtaining a passport in St Kitts

There are a number of conditions that the country puts its future citizens. Applicants must be of legal age, pass the security vetting. For the officials of St. Kitts is important to the health of residents, as well as the lack of a criminal record.

There are several investment options in St. Kitts:

  • Contribution to the economic development Fund. It is 150 thousand dollars and is not refundable. In the presence of dependents (up to three), you need to pay 195 thousand. The amount may be increased in the case that a passport will need a greater number of dependents. You also need to pay for due diligence;
  • Investments in real estate. The amount of investments will make 200 thousand dollars with the possibility of sales through 7 years. The property price of more than 400 thousand you can sell after 5 years. Additionally paid state fee for the applicant and each dependant
  • In St. Kitts a large number of modern fork with a sea view. You can also acquire a share in a hotel and earn on their property, renting it out to tourists. For those who want to quickly obtain a passport, the state of the Caribbean – the best option.

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