The interior Ministry said, where often violate quarantine


Most offenders in Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv regions

Ukraine has again tightened against violators of the quarantine. As told adviser to the interior Minister Ivan Varchenko, this trend began in the second half of June and continues today, reports the with reference for Today.

“In most regions of Ukraine we see a real increase in the incidence of, – said Ivan Varchenko. – We and local councils are making decisions to prevent overload of the medical system. Otherwise there will be tragedy. Since mid-June, the law enforcers more actively undertook to identify violations in places of a mass congestion of people. For example, in shops, shopping malls, coffee shops, etc. where it is necessary to observe rules of quarantine. In the end, we see and increased the number of checks and, unfortunately, a greater number of fines due to the fact that the owners are unaware of their responsibilities. This also applies to other citizens who do not observe rules of quarantine (for example, being without a mask in public places – Ed.). I can say that until mid-June administrative fines under part 3 of article 44 and there were 20-30 a day across the country, now 400-600”.

As specified in the national police, for the entire period of quarantine to July 2 was made up of 16 102 administrative protocols. Most in Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv regions. Less – in Khmelnytsky, Transcarpathian and Mykolaiv regions. Among the offenders was a police officer. Residents took video of the COP who went to the supermarket of Melitopol Zaporozhye region without a mask. When the video became public, Natspolitsiya conducted an internal investigation and the senior Lieutenant was made adminprotokol.

Also, as we found in the sensational case of “swimmer of the Kiev Hydropark” still not come to an end. We will remind, the Kiev Valentin Buryanov on April 6, the day of strengthening of quarantine, crossed the Dnieper to get to the sports field. But was arrested and he wrote a report. Valentin faces a fine of 17 thousand UAH.

As told to us by Valentin himself, the trial of his case at the finish.

“The case is nearing completion. I can assume that July 20 will be the last court session”, – told us the weeds.

According to him, he is confident in his victory and believes that he was detained illegally. In addition, Valentine is confident that a fine of 17 thousand UAH he will not have to pay.Advertising

However, the police also repeatedly commented on this case and insist that the guy has violated the established norms of quarantine and should be held responsible.

Note that the violation of preventive measures the police have the right to draw up administrative reports under article 44-3 (violation of the rules of quarantine of people) of the Code of Ukraine about administrative violations. The penalty is from 17 thousand to 34 thousand hryvnia. Officials 34-170 thousand hryvnias.

Recently, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the new fines for violation of mask mode, now for the project must vote in the Verkhovna Rada. As explained by the Minister of health, Maxim Stepanov, fines for not wearing the masks for individuals want to establish at 170-255 UAH for legal entities – owners of catering establishments, gymnasiums, shops, if they do not comply with requirements, the penalty will range from 3.4 thousand UAH to 5.1 thousand UAH.

Recall, at a recent briefing at the health Ministry said that Kiev and 10 areas not ready to mitigate the quarantine due to the fact that the situation with disease remains challenging.