The Finance Ministry told how much to spend on schooling of children

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The average Ukrainian student tuition is 23 thousand hryvnia.

In Ukraine on training one student to spend between 10 to 80 thousand hryvnas, reported the with reference to the Correspondent.

In a prepared dashboard contains information from 14.2 thousand schools with a total of 3.9 million students and work 438,5 thousand teachers.

The total expenditure of these schools for last year was 94.1 billion. The average cost around the country for training of one pupil amounted to 23.1 thousand UAH per year.

While in rural areas the average cost per student amounted to 32.4 thousand UAH, and in urban areas 19.1 thousand UAH.

According to published data, the largest average expenditure per pupil in the district of Kiev Baryshevsky area — 81.6 thousand UAH, and the lowest in Tairovskoe township OTG Odessa region — 9,5 thousand UAH.