Stuck in Greece Ukrainians to return home — Ministry of foreign Affairs


Kuleba told to evacuate the detained Ukrainian tourists from Greece.

Dvenadtsataya citizens of Ukraine who were detained while trying to enter Greece, it will be Home July 7 two Ryanair at the expense of the airline. Four Ukrainian return flight WizzAir, reports the with reference to Country.

This was announced at an online briefing of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba.

“For 12 citizens of Ukraine who are stuck in Athens, at the moment, booked tickets for two flights of the company Ryanair, which will take place today. The first flight is scheduled for 17:10 and the second at 21:55 7 July. These two flights must return to Ukraine 12 of our citizens who are stuck and were in the area of detention at the airport”, — the Minister said Kuleba online briefing on Tuesday, July 7.

According to Kuleba, one man was able, through the consuls to work with the border guards that he was allowed to cross the border, since it sent a transit to another country of the EU.

“As of now, it is agreed that the deportation, they will not receive, and the consuls at the departure, on my behalf, will personally supervise that all happened,” — said Kuleba.

In addition, the head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry said that what happened in Greece is not the first case. “The first without noise, but it was such a situation. Unfortunately, despite our efforts, became the first lesson for the airlines, they continued to take on Board Ukrainian citizens, in advance, in fact, knowing that they will not be allowed on the territory of the EU country in which they arrive”, — he explained.

The Minister appealed to airlines urging them not to sell tickets in the EU while there banned the entry of citizens of Ukraine. “Advice for the airlines: please, please don’t try to make an extra penny on the ticket for the Ukrainian who buys a ticket to the EU, knowing in advance that landed this person on Board the plane, you leave it alone with the problems,” he said.

Traveling to citizens of Ukraine Kuleba advised to check carefully the information on entry to travel.

“And two of the Board travelling: first, do not be lazy to check the information about the entry into a particular country to purchase the relevant tickets, don’t waste your money, do not create to itself additional problems, examine in detail all the nuances, this is already enough information resources, particularly interactive map of Ministry of foreign Affairs. And second, please, dear Ukrainians, do not comfort yourself with illusions that when crossing the border of another country you slip, decide the question, will be able to persuade someone. The characteristic human trait “-it will be solved,” but a pandemic is not the case,” he said.

While Kuleba emphasized that the foreign Ministry will come to the aid of fellow citizens who fall into difficult situation. “Of course we will come to you for help, will you contribute in return to Ukraine, if you find yourself in a difficult situation, but it is best for all of us if we will prevent such a situation, and you will not get in trouble abroad,” he said.