Stepanov told how many tests for coronavirus remained in the laboratories


Tests will last for a month.

In Ukraine, all testing centres have provided a supply of test-systems for diagnostics of coronavirus, which will last for a month even with a full load centres, reports the with reference to Country.

This was during an online briefing on 7 July, said the Minister of health, Maxim Stepanov, a video published in Facebook.

“All testing centres have provided a month’s supply of test systems under full load. We hold this level. If somewhere a problem occurs, we will promptly deliver back the test-system,” he said.

According to Stepanov, the number labcontrol growing in the country, the Ministry of health is also working to provide agencies with staff.

“In recent months, we are rebuilding the previously destroyed system. At the beginning of the epidemic we had three laboratories which performed the PCR testing. Currently 82 of them. We have updated the equipment, we continue to equip labcentre. One of the problems was the shortage of personnel in labcentre. For three months we have pereobuchitj doctors, have attracted and continue to do so. And of course: all that relates to the expansion of our labcontrol is our priority. We are going to expand their staff, restore the whole system,” — said Maxim Stepanov.