Nutritionist told if jelly those who want to lose weight


Called optimal rate of milk in the menu.

“Milk” firmly “settled” in our consumer basket, but slimming her drink cautiously and prefer low fat because of fear of gaining extra pounds or gain swelling. Nutritionist Laura Filippova on the page in Instagram told how much and what dairy products need to eat, and a safe rate for losing weight, reports the with reference to RBC.

Dairy products are recommendations of the WHO and the Ministry of health of Ukraine for daily use in a balanced diet of a healthy person.

The most valuable products for adult is a hard cheese and cottage cheese. And the content of CA and protein. Remember also — it is important to get protein from different sources.

Dairy products contain animal fat. It is a useful food item, but the quantity in the daily diet expert recommends to keep under control. That is why the cheese and curd average fat content is optimal for every day.

Use — OK! The varied diet! Do not eat cheese pounds — enough to 30-50 grams a day. Cottage cheese — 150-200g., eat different foods.

  • do not buy dairy products that are high in sugar and salt.
  • do not choose dairy products with vegetable fats.

Cheese is better not to combine with simple sugars and foods that contain phytic acid.