Misha Romanova celebrated the birthday of son max Barskih


The pair has given a new reason for the rumors.

Ukrainian singer and former soloist of group “VIA Gra” Misha Romanov, who told of an unsuccessful operation for breast augmentation, celebrated the second anniversary of son Martin. Special guest at the ceremony was the famous singer and friend of Max Barskih Misha. On his page in Instagram Romanov posted a touching photo in which she is depicted with her son, and max and his older sister, Oksana, reports the Chronicle.info with reference for Today.

“Martin today turned two years old,” he signed the Mike.

The second photo where she’s with max kisses baby, the singer added the caption: “Martin’s birthday”.


Fans of the actress began to congratulate her in the comments. Many of them decided that Max is the father of son Misha, and thought that the Lord and Romanov couple.

“Beautiful family, Beautiful couple, an example to follow”, “Did the son not from max? And who is the father?” “Max is your husband?”, Yay! Finally, there is no secret that Max is dad Martin.”

From the master’s artist has long been in friendly relations, and the kid, Max Martin has a godfather.

In an earlier interview, the singer admitted that gave birth to Martin from Ukrainian Director. According to her, they are the child’s father split up before the child’s birth and have not even tried to build a family for the child.