Klitschko told how much Kiev contracted the coronavirus, and how crowded the hospital

Medical facilities performing COVID-19, completed by 39%

Despite the General decline in Ukraine in the number of infected by the coronavirus during the day, decreased the number of new infections in Kiev.


As reported at the briefing on 6 July, the mayor of the capital Vitali Klitschko, a day in Kiev was 59 infected. Four of them – the doctors. Two patients died. All coronavirus has claimed the lives of 116 residents of Kiev. Today in the capital 5602 confirmed cases COVID-19.

Among those 28 women aged from 19 to 73 years and girl 4 years. Also infected with 28 men from 18 to 77 years old and two boys – one of them 3 months, the second 6 years.

In hospital in the capital of seven hospitalized patients. Other – in isolation under the control of physicians. For the last day recovered seven people. All coronavirus overcame 1809 the inhabitants of Kiev. Most cases found in Darnytskyi and Dnieper regions – 9, in Podolsk, Shevchenko and Goloseevskiy – 7 cases.


However, the number of patients with COVID-19, who are in serious condition, is not reduced. So, in the city hospitals with confirmed coronavirus today 279 patients. Including 12 children. And 44 people, including 4 children with suspected disease. In serious condition, 47 patients. The beds are critical care 25 patients. Four people – connected to devices of artificial ventilation of the lungs. Oxygen supplementation is needed today 72 patients.

He also said that a diagnosis of “pneumonia” for the last day were hospitalized 18 people. And all inflammation of the lungs in the Kiev hospitals treat patients 439.

In General medical institutions of the capital, where they treat patients COVID-19, completed by 39%.

“This, remember, in medical institutions of the first wave in eight hospitals and two nursing homes where we have trained almost 900 seats. 800 more beds are prepared in hospitals second wave”, – said Klitschko.


Recall that on 6 July in the capital reduced the number of quarantine restrictions. In particular, restaurants, cafes, bars, theatres and cinemas, was allowed to work after 22:00.

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Also note that the Ministry of health as the regions that are not yet ready to relax the quarantine.