Anna Sedokova showed how he was injured on the set

anna sedokova

During the filming there was an emergency.

Singer, host Anna Sedokova were harmed during the filming of the video for the song Airplanes. The artist fled to the heels, and suddenly collapsed to the asphalt. Video of his fall Sedokova posted on his Instagram account, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

The footage shows that the toe of the left boot came in a lace-up right. Because of this, the singer fell backward with a run.

“The first ten seconds I couldn’t breathe. The chest took the air. Belt unbuckled, but it did not help… it Is so scary when you can’t breathe,” — commented on the incident in the following publications singer.

According to her, she felt that it becomes easier after about a minute.

“The knee started to swell and bleed, before hand it was painful to touch. And let’s shoot! That won’t stop me. Now just all the truth”, — wrote in the social network Sedokova.

She added that she was able to finish up to the end and remove the “incredible video”.

Anna also admitted that after the fall she was limping and can’t move my hand.