Three generations: Maria Efrosinina admired by the family


The star spoke about the importance of supporting loved ones.

16-year-old TV presenter Masha Yefrosinina Nan very rarely appears on the page of the star mom — the girl doesn’t like crowds and prefer not to put their life on the outside. However, sometimes she gives permission to publish a joint photo, usually when it’s important for her mom. So, the celebrity has shared a tender family scenes where she is depicted together with her mother and daughter, reports the with reference to RBC.

Photo women cute hugging each other and seriously look into the lens. Under the post Mary shared several stories from his childhood in which mom has always supported and encouraged her. Presenter noted that it is important to give such support to your family and to love and respect them.


“In my four years, my mum took me to the ballet! She said, “girl we do not take – it will be big!”. My mom told them that they are still elbows will afford to bite that missed out on a great talent:)

When older I cried at home from the fact that for two years dancing in the ballroom-dancing with a girl because all the boys walking away from me, as from a lofty, mom said that she didn’t always loved ballroom and, in General, in people more courageous guys! And took me to the ensemble “Crimea”.

About your first kiss I told my mom.. Not her friend, and mother. In school I was made fun of, like, who does that?

When my class drunk homemade Vino my friend Chiba, her mother together with my cute put us all to sleep…

Mum since the childhood and to this day tells me I am her pride.. Today when I see my daughter’s making his mistakes, I tell her the words of my mom to me: “Daughter, go for it, and I’ll support you always, even if will turn on you the world!”….

The life is arranged so that a little girl you don’t understand how important mother’s faith in you! In her words: “Daughter, you are the most beautiful girl on the planet!”- You no doubt say, ” well, it’s because I’m your daughter.”
To her whisper: “Everything will be fine, you can do it”- you are skeptical, as hopeless sedative parent phrase… And only by becoming the mother of the girl, you know that if you had to choose one superpower, you would definitely choose the ability to protect my baby from the cruelty of the world..

But alas, all you can really do is just give her the belief in yourself— your love, support and respect her personality …” — openly shared Efrosinina.

Subscribers Masha was touched a delicate frame and agreed with her wise words.

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