The militants are “covered” AFU mortar fire, the military losses

Ukrainian soldiers return fire forced the militants to shut up

Yesterday the insidious attacks of the militants was foiled by our military. Today, the enemy again intensified, and the Ukrainian army suffered losses – wounded one soldier after breaking mine.


It is reported by the headquarters of the United forces.

The military say that the enemy already in the morning broke the ceasefire and shelled the fortifications of the United forces of the Minsk agreements prohibited weapons.

“Thus, the positions of the Ukrainian defenders near Verkhnetoretsky Russian occupants fired from 120-mm mortars and automatic mounted grenade launchers. Due to the rupture of one of the mines received a combat injury to one soldier of the United forces. Warrior was transported to a medical facility, where he was quickly given proper help of doctors. The state of health of a serviceman satisfactory”, – reported in the FOS.

In response, units of the joint forces used the available firepower and gave an adequate response to the occupation forces, enemy losses are being specified.


As reported “Today”, July 3, on Donbass from-for attacks of fighters killed a woman. The enemy attacked with mortars – came under attack zaitsevo locality.

The situation on the frontline remains tense. See more about this in the story: