Team President: it is now busy colleagues Zelensky


Not all of them were in the team Zelensky.

In April last year, when Vladimir Zelensky was still a presidential candidate, on a show where the talk show “Right to Vlad,” he introduced the members of his team, those “new faces”. Since then, as they say, much water has flowed: Zelensky became President, some of his team have replaced several posts, and it ended on the stage of the campaign. We offer you to look what future members of the then “dream team” Zelensky, and also the promises they gave during their performance, reports the with reference in Word and Deed.

Let’s start with Alexander danyluk, which was then in the air gave a lot of promises. The team Zelensky, he was responsible for international relations, Economics, financial and banking policy. However, work with the President in danyluk didn’t go. At the end of may 2019, he took the post of Secretary of national security and defense, and in September already resigned. One of the reasons was his poor relationship with the then head of OPU Andrei Bogdan. At a press conference Zelensky said that the ambitions of danyluk was higher post in the national security Council – he wanted to become Prime Minister. But the President chose another candidate – Alexey Goncharuk (he’s in office long lingered).

More than a year ago in the air “Right to Vlad,” danyluk promised Ukraine to intensify work in the format of Normandy. We can say that it happened in December 2019, the first time in several years was held the meeting of “Normandy four”. Quite far to ensure that Ukraine has become a regional leader, a center of stability, democracy and development. The promise of danyluk that the negotiations with international partners will conduct honest people, not corrupt officials, is a pretty emotional color.

It was announced that Ivan Apartin will be responsible for security and defense. Many expected that he will head the defence Ministry, however, Uparsin became head of the Directorate of the national security and defense of the President’s Office. Uparsin, in particular, promised that Ukraine will open the state defense order. Now the Parliament is waiting for the second reading the bill “On defense procurement”, which should change the legislation in the field of defence procurement from the Soviet to the European, including to minimize the risk of corruption and to ensure transparency procedures of defence procurement.

Already departed from the team President Ruslan riaboshapka. First, he became one of the Deputy heads of SDAS, then was briefly the attorney-General (August to March). “Ruslan is a good specialist, but did not show the result”, – commented on his dismissal Zelensky. Then on a talk show Ryaboshapka told how the team Zelensky will fight corruption. One of the points already made, the Parliament adopted the law on encouragement for those who report corruption crime. About the restart anti-corruption bodies: his position lost only novel Pipe of the state Bureau of investigation.

Well the team feels Zelenskaya Irina Venediktova. She was already a MP in the faction of the “servant of the people”, served as the acting State Bureau of investigation, and has now been replaced by Ryaboshapka here for attorney General. What Venediktov said during the election campaign Zelensky: about reforms in the judicial system, is now not within its competence.

Sergey Babak, which the team is responsible for education and science, now in Parliament and is headed by a Committee. During a recent conversation with journalists Zelensky said that he had repeatedly invited Him to become Minister of education, but he refused. Promises Babak was pretty standard: update of the educational and scientific infrastructure, invest in education space, to return the prestige of teachers.

Received no appointment, the Advisor team Zelensky on medicine Eugene Komorowski.

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