Scientists explain why people are ticklish


Scientists have unveiled the phenomenon of tickling.

It turned out that everything lies in the certain structures of the brain, and man this reflex is inherited from ancestors, who with him responded to insects and animals, reports the with reference on Voice.

Consensus about where did the tickling, in scientific circles there is still. According to one version, it’s a reflex human reaction to the smaller members of the animal world, which in the course of evolution remained in place.

It is designed to protect from life-threatening venomous creatures. According to another hypothesis, the tickling is a side effect encountered in the development of the CNS. For this type of react touch two areas of the brain. The first includes a protective function, the second is responsible for pleasant feelings.

At the same time during the reaction in humans, blocks the function of the speech centers, and he can’t utter a single articulate sound. Interesting is the fact that tickle yourself will not work. The fact is that the body knows what to react and respond as expected.

The cerebellum anticipates the actions of the person and suppresses the danger signals that should apply to other systems. It is noteworthy that react to the tickling monkeys and rats. They even laugh, though not because it makes people. While people with schizophrenia reactions to the tickling no. This occurs in patients with damage to the cerebellum.