Named the most paid job in Kiev


Who in the capital earns the most.

Realtors and programmers – the leaders are among the most highly paid vacancies in the Metropolitan employment service, reports the with reference to

“According to the Kyiv city employment center, as of the end of June paid the most in Kiev – the job of the realtor and software engineer. Applicants who will meet all the stated requirements, employers are willing to pay 25 thousand hryvnia and 22 thousand hryvnias per month, respectively,” – noted in CGCS.

Among the most paid in Kiev vacancies:

  • auditors and electricians – 20 thousand hryvnia per month;
  • heads of departments, services and offices from 17 000 to 18 500 UAH;
  • master green economy – 17 thousand UAH;
  • the burners, spidermen, the main Metrology engineer and senior turbine factory – in the range of 16-17 thousand UAH;
  • surveyors electrical engineering and telecommunications – about 16 thousand hryvnia;
  • electricians, engineers, technicians, wrappers elements of electrical machines – more than 15 thousand hryvnia.

In CGCS say that 15 thousand hryvnia can expect the Director of the Department, chief designer, Manager in the trade, specialist in public relations and press, sales agent, etc.

Just the job of the Kyiv city employment center, as of July 1, there were 10 089 vacancies, which is 18% higher than at the beginning of the quarantine.


  • The average wage in Ukraine in may 2020 was 10 542 UAH, in most regions the average paid in capital – UAH 15 191.
  • The most popular area of activity in Ukraine by the number of jobs has been and remains the “Retail trade”.
  • On average, 18% of all vacancies of the State employment center offer a minimum salary, 32% of vacancies salary 8-10 thousand UAH. More than 13% of jobs – a salary of more than 10 thousand UAH.