In the Navy of Ukraine said about the readiness for defense of the Kherson region


The Navy allowed the Russian troops attempt to break through from the territory of Crimea.

In naval forces of Ukraine do not exclude attempts of Russian troops to break out of the Crimea on the South of Kherson region, to give the opportunity to let the water from the Dnieper North-Crimean canal, and preparing for a probable attack. This was stated by commander of the naval forces of Ukraine Oleksiy Neiipp, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

“We are preparing for full-scale military confrontation, knowing that if any occur, unfortunately, will be many casualties and our soldiers and civilians. Many now do not understand − although the seventh year is a war,” − said Neiipp.

According to him, the variant at which the Russian troops will try to break out of the Crimea on the South of Kherson region “is considered and not ruled out.”

“We are ready. All I can not tell, but here’s a little fact. Range missile system Neptune allows you to use it with the mainland Ukraine on the approaches to Sevastopol. Here there and look,” the commander said.

However, he stated that the forces “are prepared not only to trench warfare, but also for offensive action − the work units in urban areas, for performing tasks and fighting not only in defence, to the maneuvering action.”

“Once we understand that in the Crimea will begin to recover the channel, there will be to join a financial resource of the Russian Empire (Yes, I call them so: this Empire with a dictator at the head), then it will be a good signal that Russia is preparing a full-scale confrontation. And then we have to respond to challenges”, − summed up the head of the Navy.