Early marriage was named one of the causes of alcoholism

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The results of the latest research.

If a person has a genetic predisposition to alcoholism, the likelihood that he will abuse alcohol, increases significantly with entry into marriage under the age of 21 years. To such conclusion the international group of scientists from the Virginia Commonwealth University (USA) and six other universities, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to rz.com.ua.

A new study published in Development and Psychopathology. The authors note that their findings are somewhat contrary to results obtained in previous studies that suggests that people who are married, the genetic tendency to alcoholism is usually better constrained than their single peers. But in the previous studies involved volunteers of Mature age, and that older age groups scientists have focused their attention.

One of the study co-author Rebecca Smith of Virginia Commonwealth University said that marriage is not a universal remedy prevent the risk of excessive alcohol consumption, and not always the marriage bond can protect a person from abuse of alcoholic beverages. Scientists, analyzing a data sample of nearly 1,000 people aged 21 to 25 who regularly abuse alcohol, found that early marriage before the age of 21 years, on the contrary, increases the likelihood of developing alcohol dependence in people with her genetic predisposition.

According to scientists, the importance obtained in the new study results is that they demonstrated, how the same factors of human life at different stages have different impacts on the probability of the formation of his alcohol addiction. Moreover, it sheds new light on the role of marriage from the point of view of developmental psychology.

The researchers say that such vital events as marriage or birth of children, usually at a certain age occur at all. When compared to the typical time, they happen sooner or later, their protective effect may be not as strong as previously thought.

Scientists believe that young people, early marriage is much more than more Mature people, can feel its negative consequences. This can often cause them to have psychological and mental problems and, as a consequence, the abuse of alcohol.