COVID-19 in Ukraine: in days fixed 543 new cases

koronavirus 3

Recovered to 327.

For the last day of the coronavirus in Ukraine have found 543 people were 13 deaths, 327 patients recovered, reports the with reference in Word and Deed.

This is evidenced by the NSDC as of Monday morning, July 6.

A day earlier, the coronavirus found 823 people.

Just for all the time of the pandemic in Ukraine fell ill 043 49 people, including 21 703 recovered, deaths — 1262.

We will remind, the group of scientists from 32 countries in an open letter urged the world health organization to revise its recommendations to combat coronavirus infection.

Previously the who reported that the world’s 141 developing a vaccine from COVID. However, I hope to hundreds of millions of doses of vaccine COVID-19 to the end of 2020.