Zelensky in Odessa took part in the celebrations of Day of naval forces of VSU

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The Navy is a Paragon of power, modernity and the real pride of Ukraine, said the guarantor of the state.

President Vladimir Zelensky participated in the celebrations of Day of naval forces of Armed forces of Ukraine in Odessa. In his speech he called the sailors “superheroes,” according to the Chronicle.info with reference to the Correspondent.

“Today the whole country congratulates the custody of the Maritime frontiers of our Motherland. Brave and invincible people, who day and night stand on the protection of the South of our country. Those who, to quote the March of the Navy, “will be the chest over the Black sea, our wonderful and magical Crimea”. This is our Ukrainian sailors. We are proud of you. We thank you,” said the President.

Zelensky said that today the sailors will receive more than 70 apartments, in particular, sailors from the Crimea in 2014 not betrayed Ukraine. The head of state stressed that their loyalty oath was somehow invisible to the authorities, and they lived in terrible conditions.

“I am ashamed that all this time they have not received from the state worthy of gratitude. But I am glad that finally justice is done… I will do everything to Ukrainian sailors felt that they are real superheroes, which are very necessary for Ukraine,” he said.

Vladimir Zelensky said that the role of the Navy to the defense of Ukraine cannot be overestimated.

“The crews of coast guard vessels and naval aircraft, a unit of marine direction – we must never allow to destroy the system of black sea security. And our state goal is to systematically increase your power. We know, as in past years, the naval forces of Ukraine in many senses of the word tried to destroy and sink. I do not simply will not allow. I will do everything to Ukrainian Navy was a model of power, modernity and became a real pride of Ukraine. So we were a Maritime nation not in the distant memories of the past, but in the real present and the near future,” the President said.

He said that there is active development of naval bases and training institutions, construction of places of permanent deployment of military units of the Navy, the development of the national fleet, restoration, modernization, and the arrival of new weapons and military equipment.

“Most important are the state tests of the Ukrainian missile complex Neptune. Its adoption will make us even stronger player in the Black and Azov seas. Also in the nearest plans – getting the boats to the island and mark VI in the framework of military aid from the United States” – summed up Vladimir Zelensky.