The lunar Eclipse showed live. Video

lunnoe zatmenie

A lunar Eclipse can cause people to fatigue and drowsiness.

On the morning of 5 July, the inhabitants of Africa, America and some European countries will be able to observe a penumbral lunar Eclipse, reports the with reference to Country.

The Eclipse will begin at 06:07 in Kiev, its peak will occur at 07:30, and at 07:44 we will see a full moon. As in Ukraine, the phenomenon is not to see its live broadcast can be viewed live.

Player with videos we publish below. After the Eclipse live will be replaced by video.

Penumbral lunar Eclipse or a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse is that the Moon (in this case 35%) will cover the Ground.

The July lunar Eclipse is called the Thunder moon or the Moon is male due to the fact that it was during this period storms begin, and male reindeer shed their antlers. Astrologers say that lunar eclipses are very strong, cause people lack of energy and drowsiness.

The lunar Eclipse of July 5, 2020. Watch live:

After will take place this lunar Eclipse, above the Ground will fly the brightest comet C/2020 F3. To see pictures of this comet and learn more about it here.

July 4 began a parade of planets, which will continue for about two weeks. This is also a unique phenomenon, this happens only on 8 February 2169 year. In our separate article read the most interesting facts about the full parade of planets.