On Jupiter recorded a new giant storm


The planet formed a new spot.

Amateur astronomer from South Africa found a new huge formation in the atmosphere of Jupiter. On the biggest planet in the Solar system formed a huge bright spot in the southern hemisphere, according to NASA. A gigantic vortex, called the “Spot Clyde” (in honor of the discoverer), was formed between the famous Great red spot and S2-AWO A7 – another large storm in the South-East, reports the Chronicle.info with reference for Today.

The anomaly was discovered on 31 may 2020 astronomer Clyde foster, organizer of the astronomical society of the “Small sky” of South Africa. Foster watched Jupiter and in the meanwhile accidentally discovered a new spot by using a filter sensitive to methane gas. Interesting is the fact that this feature was not seen by astronomers in Australia a few hours earlier.

Space research station, NASA’s “Juno” made a close approach near Jupiter two days later, June 2, 2020, and confirmed the presence of a new storm. The camera captures five photos from the height of 45-95 thousand miles above the clouds of Jupiter, which has been spotted a new formation. From these images, NASA has formed one seamless picture for better study. Image of Juno show spectacular structures in the storm system of the planet, which is already causing excitement in the academic community.